Where Can You Buy Bulk Beef in Whiteface & Lubbock, TX area?

Order beef from the local ranchers at Patterson Ranch Beef

If you're looking to take home a quarter beef or more, you've found your go-to source. Patterson Ranch Beef LLC is a multigenerational business that offers generous portions of grass-fed and grain-fed beef in Whiteface & Lubbock, TX.

When you buy bulk beef, you can...

Try a wide variety of cuts of meat
Pay about the price of hamburger per pound
Stock your freezer with locally produced beef

You can typically get about 400 pounds of meat from a whole beef. To stock up on beef, contact a rancher today.

We make ordering easy

When you reach out to us to buy bulk beef, we'll talk through the options with you and help you choose the exact amount that you need. We offer quarter beef, half beef, or whole beef.

While the price of your beef depends on the portion's weight, a whole beef order of grain-finished beef usually costs about $2,500. A whole beef order of grass-finished beef is typically about $2,800. Prices include processing fees. Call 806-893-1220 now to get the details on pricing.

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Beef Buying Options

Chose grass or grain-fed beef

5 easy steps to order!

  1. Decide on the amount of beef needed (1/4,1/2, or whole).
  2. Call or email us to place your order!
  3. Make a deposit by mailing check/money-order or pay with a credit card (a 3% convenience fee will be added for credit card payments) Your place on the list will not be secured until deposit is received.
  4. Make beef cut selections- the processor has a list of cuts provided. You get to choose which cuts you want, how thick you want your steaks, etc. We are happy to help you with this as much as you would like us to!
  5. You will pay the balance when your beef is ready and you will pay for the processing when you pick it up.