The great debate

Grass Fed vs. Grain Finished


The Great Debate: Grass Fed vs. Grain Finished Beef

We do both- so there's no arguing here!!

All of our beef is pasture raised and grass fed. You can choose from grass finished or grain finished beef. All of the cattle that are put into the beef program are hormone and antibiotic free.  Antibiotics are only used when necessary and when needed for the welfare of the animal. Cattle that have had antibiotics are excluded from the beef program.  

Grass Finished


 The grass finished cattle are harvested straight from the pasture. 

Grain Finished


 Grain finished cattle have a grain ration added to their diet for approximately 120 days before harvesting.  

How To Order


Our Goal

  At Patterson Ranch, our goal is to get our tasty, nutritious beef from our ranch to your plate. When you buy beef from Patterson Ranch, you get better beef at a better price and you get the added benefit of knowing where it came from. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our cattle and the steps we take to produce quality beef.

Beef Buying Options

  Our customers have the option of buying beef in bulk (quarter, half, or whole) or buying a few cuts at a time. If you choose to buy in bulk, we will deliver your live beef to the processor and you get to choose how you want your beef aged and cut. Bulk beef is sold on the “hanging weight”, which is the weight of the carcass once it has been dressed. Hanging weight is generally around 60% of live weight. Packaged beef is usually around 70% of hanging weight. Weights and percentages vary from animal to animal and are also dependent on your processing selections. To place an order, simply call or email. Tell us if you want grass finished or grain finished.  We will put your name on the list and call you when your beef is ready to be harvested. We will help you find a processor and call you when your beef is ready to be picked up. The price of bulk beef is $3.25/lb hanging weight plus processing. Buying bulk beef from Patterson Ranch gets quality beef in your freezer for a little more than the cost of hamburger meat from the grocery store. 

How To Contact Us

  For more information on bulk beef or for pricing on individually packaged beef, please call 806-893-1220 or email